Panhard Drop Bracket

So the panhard lift bracket has been well-received, and I’ve gotten requests to make a version for 3 and 4 inch lifts.

The problem with extending the lift bracket higher is interference with the factory cross member.  A solution is to extend the factory bumpstops, but that limits usable up-travel.  Another solution (a better one, in my opinion) is to cut and notch the cross member for additional clearance – but that’s both invasive and requiring of a certain amount of skill.

My solution is to drop the other end of the panhard bar to level it with a one inch drop for a 3 inch lift (2 inches up on the axle, one down on the frame = 3), and a two inch drop for a 4 inch lift (you can do the math yourself this time.)

So I’m designing a panhard drop bracket to be used in conjunction with my 2 inch panhard lift bracket for 3 & 4 inch lifts.

I was still refining this part for fitment when this was written, and at the time it looked like this:

You can turn around and remount your stock panhard bar and sell off that adjustable one you bought with your lift kit now.

I’m having runs of these made on a semi-regular basis now, as part of the Panhard Correction Kit I offer on T4R – let me know if you need one.