Cleaned up the ZHP today.

– the smell is almost completely obliterated (no kidding; the soot wiped away with the smell with some warm soapy water)


My Brother’s birthday (Happy 44th, Dru!)

Also, between the time I signed the paperwork this morning and the time the tow service got the car loaded up (while I was at the DMV), this happened:

as of this moment, the wrecker driver is denying it, but come on – here’s the post that the car hit when it came loose while loading it:

and here’s where the rivet on the left pocket of your jeans scratched the paint while you were frantically trying to stop the car rolling off of your inclined bed (left rear door):

We’ll see what happens next.


It occurred to me I should mention that my multi-year Mary Stuart RSR (MSRSR) project is back from its first round of paint.

Back on the Celette to finalize fitment of the Mary Stuart rear quarter panels I sculpted for this project (I reproduced them from internet photos – thank you Art Degree.)

This has been a massive undertaking for both me and the car’s owner – it’s a labor of love at this point. LOTS of metalwork in this one (it began as an ’87 3.2 Carrera)

(yeah, I need to finish construction work in the shop also..)

So what’s the first thing we do after paintwork? Cut out the custom cage so that a historically-correct roll bar can go in its place for that perfect silhouette!



My father has been living with us since my mother passed in December.  Yesterday we returned to my home town to finish up some unresolved items relating to the funeral – by 3:00 dad was in the ER.

It’s been an intense year already and we’re barely into February.  I’m interested to see what the new normal will be.

With any luck, he and I go back [to my] home tomorrow.


taking a basic Blueprint reading class 

– because I’ve caused some confusion during machining when my self-taught printmaking allows interpretation 

3 errors in the textbook so far (1/3 in)