1977 911

OK, guys – times have changed; Julia and I have pursued other careers, and there’s not really available time or space to complete Julia’s backdate, so it’s available for someone who wants a great project.

This is a rust-free, accident-free (no kidding, this shell is SOLID) ’77 targa that was taken apart to fix engine oil leaks, then became a backdate project.
The heavy lifting is done – front bulkhead backdated on a Celette for proper alignment (not your average Pelican-enthusiast-level job), vintage and reproduction backdate parts sourced, and engine disassembled for head stud replacement and reseal.

You’ll get what is pictured, plus a fair/usable front bumper, Zuf ST steering wheel and hub assembly, chromed door handles, 2 stainless targa bar trim covers, and matching blue sugar scoop headlamps.

The engine is still disassembled (perfect opportunity to shuffle-pin for durability), and the transaxle is intact, as-original, but this is a great time to open it up and give it the WEVO treatment.

I can detail all the cool stuff in the photos, but honestly, if you can’t ID that stuff, then the price isn’t going to make sense to you. This isn’t a cheap conversion job; it’s a spouse’s build by a professional builder.

Among other items pictured, the sale includes shaved 930 front brakes, 4x 15×7 Fuchs, a pair of Stephans (GTS Classics) retro seats, new 69-73 dash trim, new Porsche tail light assemblies, a fantastic Targa top, elephant racing adjustable spring plates, optional RS 85L fuel tank (add $1800), optional H1 headlamps (add $1400) The ’69 decklid shown is rust-free and has easily corrected dent damage (hard to find good old original steel.) I’m sure I’m forgetting things – years went into procuring bits for this conversion.

The engine, transaxle, and targa top are all original to the car. This 911 is an actual peach in a world full of flim-flam artists and car-flippers and is a terrific platform for a solid backdate that can be enjoyed without worrying about devaluing historic car investment.


here are the photos; send inquiries to waltersj2@mindspring.com (and speak directly to the boss) 😉

( – and just in case you were going to ask; unfortunately, my schedule prohibits me from completing this project for you – too many pressing obligations in my new path right now, or Julia would already be ripping through the Appalachian mountains with this one.)

The backdate continues on Julia’s targa: