Happy Thanksgiving!

I had some time to work on the rear bumper design for the 3rd Gen 4Runner; this is designed to work in conjunction with my F150 tank conversion crossmember, and is a straight ripoff of the AssBurns bumper (except for being for a one inch body lift):

I still need to work out the receiver and recovery points, bolt access, and hi-lift jacking points. Like Steven’s this will require cutting the “udders” at the rear sides of the body for clearance (what are those for, anyway?)

Steven’s “AssBurns” bumper is the best design I’ve seen for clearance and departure angle, and it’s very cool. If I weren’t using the body lift to work toward a flat belly I’d be using his design entirely!


Well, my Panhard Correction Kits for the 3rd generation 4Runner are fairly popular; I’ve sent out 54 PCKs to forum members thus far, and am now keeping an inventory on hand for folks who need them.

Ironically, I haven’t had a chance to mount mine on my own truck.

I’m planning to do a ton of deferred maintenance before Independence Day this year, so I’ll have my kit installed before our week in the mountains. I’ll post photos.

And, I completed the deed transfer on 207 today. That foray into real estate left a mark, but it’s over.


While looking for a factory 4.10 e-locker for the 4Runner, I inadvertently ended up joining the Carolina 4Runner Off Road Group on Facebook. In less than a week, these guys have either helped me source, or sold to me the locker, a donor axle assembly with links, replacement front seats (96/97 cloth), replacement steering wheel (also correct for 96/97), rear cargo cover, and factory cargo net.

In addition, I’ve picked up replacement carpet, cargo area side panels (from an ’01 for the larger storage bin), cup-holder console (from the ’01), and conversion parts to make the passenger window auto/express. I believe I’ll add the 2001 rear seat backs and bases (I’ll reupholster with the 96 cloth), replacement power antenna, and replacement exhaust to the list of used/salvage items that the truck is getting over the next few weeks.

Having access to a local network of enthusiastic, like-minded folks is invaluable, in case you didn’t know.