well, my trip to and from Solvang, California for the 2018 RGruppe Treffen went well. mostly.

I left NC a day late (monday afternoon) but was in my hotel in CA wednesday evening as planned – I’d caught up to folks I knew in ABQ that morning and rode in with them.

Our track day at Streets of Willow was the next morning:

I cut that day short and headed on to Treffen to catch up with Julia.

Treffen was great; it’s like a family reunion – or a traveling circus? – seeing buddies every 6 to 12 months for a few days. My ’75 won a GT award this year, which was fantastic. (I’ve since picked up a YOM [year of manufacture] NC tag: “RGT”.) 🙂

Julia took her rental back to LAX and caught her flight Sunday morning; Bob and I hit the road. I stopped to see a 4Runner buddy for a beer and an hour, then headed East. The next morning, we swung by PartsKlassik in Flagstaff (Kurt likes to fry my noodle with ignition/electrical data) then grabbed lunch at LaPosada in Winslow. It started to rain shortly thereafter, and at 8:08PM, I caught some water flowing across I40 after a crest on an off camber curve and hydroplaned into the cables in the center median (which was a substantial ditch, naturally.)

The 1600 miles home were a different experience, but I made it.

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